With the latest release of his new album, Red Cloud, Dario Chiazzolino, an award winning Italian jazz guitarist speaks to MOSHIN’ about the strong sense of style he’s developed since he was 12 and how this latest album is a defining milestone in his music career as a capturing representation of his honesty and passion

Dario Chiazzolino is no stranger to the jazz scene. Described as one of the finest virtuoso guitarists of his time, the Italian guitarist whose passion and direction caught on at the early age of 12 has described making music and performing it as best as he can, a fulfilling mission, one he’s grateful to have pursued since young.

RED-CLOUD--420x420With the release of his latest album Red Cloud, in Feburary, Dario says that the album can be seen as a meaningful milestone in his career, linking his musical past with an exciting future. “It’s a transitional record which connects me to my past but in the same time it looks into the future too.”

Full of soul and passion, the album is a product of many collaborations and is inspired by weather phenomenon. It reflects human emotion in all its varying intensities, as something very reflective of, and similar to, nature and weather conditions. Tracks such as “Storm”, “Placid Sky” and “Twelve colours” are just a few examples of this with their strong polyrhythms and vibrant frames. The tracks are a diverse mix, sometimes frantic with a touch of refined frenzy and at other times, soulful, lyrical and relaxed. One is urged to listen to it more than once to glean the different shades of nuance.

The album also features other talented artists such as pianist Antonio Faraò, bassist Dominique Di Piazza and drummer Manhu Roche, it is a lovechild conceived by musicians with the unified goal of creating good music. Dario himself is a strong supporter of sharing music with other talented musicians. He believes that all the experiences and performances he has had with several great musicians, have come a long way into helping him develop his own sense of style.

“Sharing your music with skilled and talented musicians is fundamental for your growing up. Your music and your own talent can really evolve if you have the chance to hang out with the right people.”

Speaking from nearly 20 years of experience, the artist has this to say about individual progress: it is indeed hard work, he emphasises, to develop a strong sense of individual style. Yet it is this process, highly important for recognizing one’s own identity and seeing how this role fits in the bigger picture as a musician or artist, which is essential.

Dario“Of course practicing your instruments is very important. It is a must,” Dario remarked, “But the deepest thing, artistically speaking is being yourself, if you really want anyone to be like you.”

More significantly, while Red Cloud is a symbol of empowerment for Dario, the album is also empowering for those who listen to it. It encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and aim high, to follow and stick strongly to whatever they feel and whatever they are naturally inclined to do, despite overwhelming complexity. This is because, through it all, there is nothing quite like the personal and fulfilling joy it brings.

“My highest goal is always to convey my emotions and feelings through my music. Every time I can do it it’s a real and intimate satisfaction.”

While one can never feel a definite sense of total accomplishment in everything they do, there are always new goals to discover and achieve and new role models to learn from. Suffice to say, Dario Chiazzolino is an inspiring example of such.

Interested followers can head to Dario Chiazzolino’s Youtube channel for more on his new music, performances and musical collaborations.

For those interested in purchasing his new album, Red Cloud is not available for purchase in Singapore, but is available on Amazon in Italy and USA.

Judith Lam