Music is a journey. It is a search for independence and freedom to pursue your dreams.

At least, this is what local indie band Pitch Feather exemplifies through their music. Whether in their poignant, soulful lyrics, the tinge of tear-jerking, atmospheric instrumentals, or the way the band records and produces music from their own humble studio, Pitch Feather seeks to inspire the masses through their beliefs and aspirations, that so evidently surface from the depths of their music.

Describing their genre as “mainly rock with a tinge of folk”, one can easily pick out the minor influences of country and classical in their soft, subtle soundscape.

From left: Chuan, Alberta, Hongliang; Photo by Clarence Aw, Courtesy of Pitch Feather

Attributing their varied blend of style to the band’s past experience as a cover band (The Eggheads) back in the 2000s, experience in playing across all genres has allowed the trio to develop both dynamics and diversity in their present music.

However, with members graduating from school, plagued by new jobs, and preoccupied with other responsibilities in life, The Eggheads dissolved, and ceased to exist.

Yet, though the weight of worldly matters coerced the band to put down their instruments, their passion for making music still burned ardently even during this period of uncertainty and normalcy.

Photo by Clarence Aw, Courtesy of Pitch Feather

“We had difficulties completing our full line up, mainly lacking a permanent guitarist.” said drummer Hongliang, “Frustrated by the endless ordeal, we decided to roll with the punches and started this project with just three of us. This time round, we decided to record and produce a bunch of songs Alberta (vocalist) had written during the dormant period.”

Pitch Feather was then formed in late 2011.

The band certainly have not embarked on a smooth path as a local homegrown band. Noting that the band is entirely self-funded, there were several obstacles and challenges that the band has came across.

“Instruments, recording equipment and software can be costly. Having to take time off from our busy schedules to meet up to produce music is another challenge.” stated Hongliang.

Photo by Clarence Aw, Courtesy of Pitch Feather

“However, these hurdles we go through as a band all seem worthwhile when we see a song evolve from infancy to its finished form. It is an extremely rewarding experience, especially since we compose, record and produce our own music from our humble studio,” he added.

Inspired by the intrinsic values of life, Pitch Feather’s upcoming album contains a collection of heartfelt songs, each with a story or a message behind it.

“Thematically, this album revolves around life and its fragility. Life and death, happiness and sorrow, hope and despair, are some of the themes in our music,” admitted Hongliang, “The mood is slightly somber, with a tinge of melancholy, but the main message behind the album is simple. Treasure life – with all the things and people that matter. In today’s world, there are many distractions in life. It is important we find peace with ourselves and never give up hope on dreams.”

Influenced by a wide array of bands such as Bic Runga, Alanis Morisette, Aimee Mann, John Mayer, Mr. Big, Coldplay, The Smashing Pumpkins, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Morcheeba and Arcade Fire, Pitch Feather gathers inspiration from people and events all around us, and pen these bits of epiphany into their songs.

As the band aptly put it, “Life inspires us.”

And the essence behind PitchFeather’s brilliant craft?

Hongliang said, “We are very open to different genres of music, and often try to incorporate different styles into our own songs. Music is a language for artistic expression, and we can only learn the language through listening widely and putting them into practice. We are always discovering and getting inspired by new music all the time. And slowly, we learn and incorporate elements of what we like into our own music. And this is what music means to us – a leaning journey.”

A firm advocate of only producing quality music for keen ears, Pitch Feather demands of themselves utmost excellence in every song that they create.

“We will produce the upcoming album to the best quality that we can. That will be our primary objective for now, as we believe that good music will market itself.”

Good quality, soul-rendering music in their debut album, that we can be assured of. So until then, Pitch Feather’s music on Soundcloud shall still be on constant replay.

Pitch Feather is:
Alberta – Vocals, Keyboards, Melodica
Chuan – Basses, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Hongliang – Drums, Percussions

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Jeremy Tan