1. Tell us more about yourself
Godzilla is four teenage rockers with a whole lot of raw talent and full of original songs. The band was formed early in 2011, and not 10 months on, they have achieved feats that exceed their age, and, others’ expectations. Mature beyond their average age of 15 years old, the boys jam like seasoned adult rockers with their energetic take on Rock & Pop-Punk. The boys won top prize in the inaugural School House Rock competition where twenty bands from different international schools competed, and reached the Singapore finals the of 2011 Yamaha Asian Beat. Godzilla is a band that loves to play live at any opportunity, with experience from playing many shows including competitions and festivals. . Shows in 2012 include the Noise Singapore Showcase, and the hugely popular annual Baybeats festival @ Esplanade, in which they are the youngest band to play in the festival since its debut in 2008. When writing songs, the different musical tastes/influences of each band member has an effect on the songs. When not performing or writing, they are discovering new ways to improve as musicians and to enhance their large number of original songs.

2. What made you enter the contest?
We entered the contest because we saw a great opportunity to get some exposure outside of the region. Out goal is to get as many followers as possible and reach out to as many people as we can through our music, and what better way than to play a huge festival? We want to make the most of each opportunity that is available because not everyone gets chances such as this.

3. Why should people vote for you?
People should vote for us because we are a young and energetic band!! Being a pop-punk/rock group, our music is enjoyed no matter what mood a person is in and just wants to make you jump and go crazy. We are a great band to put in front of a festival crowd because we know how to get people pumped and ready for a kick-ass show!

To vote for Godzilla, visit the contest page here.

Photo courtesy of Godzilla

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