1. Tell us more about yourself
The band started out after the demise of Postbox (an ex-affiliated act). Isa, Ariff and Samantha from the now-defunct Postbox decided that they wanted to continue writing songs so instead of sourcing a guitarist and a drummer, they decided to “recycle” musicians from their other bands, namely Amateur Takes Control and Lunar Node.

2. What made you enter the contest?
We’re guys (and girl) with big dreams and playing a show outside of Singapore is a dream. The Reeperbahn Fest presents itself as an opportunity for us to fulfill that dream.

3. Why should people vote for you?
If people like our music and think we are good enough to represent Singapore internationally. Like we said, this is a dream for us and it would make us really happy and appreciative to be presented with this opportunity and experience.

MOSHIN' Magazine
MOSHIN' is a Singaporean music magazine started in Apr 2011 by two friends. We figured that for too long, talented Singaporean artistes have performed in the shadow of big international acts, and we believed that that should change.