1. Tell us more about yourself
SEYRA is a band that promises to enchant with their own brand of dreamy indie-pop music. Utilising acoustic instrumentation, we seek to realize our experimental vision of pop to the world at large. Our music blends emotional lyricism with layered guitar melodies, soaring hooks, and a distinctive, ethereal voice. Not only does our music reflect the yearning for romantic escapism by an urban generation, it also offers an intimate glimpse into one’s own dreams and memories, and an introspective re-examining of relationships.

2. What made you enter the contest?
The chance to share our music with the world in a real festival like setting and interact with the community of creative people from the music and other creative fields.

3. Why should people vote for you?
Because we’ll bring back a truckload of German pretzels back for you! Hahaha…We hope that listeners have been moved by the songs which were built on dreams, dreams of an average bunch of multi-ethnic Singaporeans dudes and dudette and to share with the world what we’ve got going on this island musically.

To vote for SEYRA, visit the contest page here.

Photo courtesy of SEYRA

MOSHIN' Magazine
MOSHIN' is a Singaporean music magazine started in Apr 2011 by two friends. We figured that for too long, talented Singaporean artistes have performed in the shadow of big international acts, and we believed that that should change.