Firstly, I would like to tell everyone that I felt cheated by the Esplanade’s website on their background of this band. They clearly stated Atlas as an “Alternative Rock” genre, and I was expecting some Muse-like songs from them in M.I.S.ceallaneous 2012, but no, I was caught pretty off guard the moment Cat, the lead vocalist started singing. This band is obviously filled with indie!

Photo by Bryan Woo; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Consisting of 5 guys and a lone girl, with Cat as the lead vocalist, Taufiq and Mudd on the guitars and backup vocalists, Timmy as a bass a back up vocalist as well, JS on the keyboard and Jiang on the drums, these six young people looked like the your average geeky clique in a typical high school, with them in normal shirts and jeans and even bermudas. As they were setting up stage and preparing to perform, I couldn’t help but judge them and wonder if they could really pull off their first performance at the outdoor stage in the Esplanade.

Photo by Bryan Woo; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of Indie songs, and I do not really understand it, but I have to admit, Cat has an amazing vocal range. Constantly waving her arms to keep the band in time, I actually assumed that she could only sing low-key songs with that low, sultry voice, but boy, I was proven wrong the moment I heard her hit notes even my high voice is unable to reach.

Every member of the band somehow managed to stand out in his or her own unique way. Mudd, the guitarist and backup vocalist, managed to catch my attention the most. With eyes trained on his guitar and the look on concentration on his face, he still looked up occasionally to smile at his audience, while cushioning Cat’s vocals with his own.

Photo by Bryan Woo; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Jason, the band’s Tekong boy, is a shy keyboardist, but with skill, making up for the little gaps that the guitar and drums couldn’t cover with the synthesizer. Pity though, there were quite a few instances where Cat’s strong vocals were drowned out by the electric guitars and drums.

Photo by Bryan Woo; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

One of the songs that really got to me was “Impolite Company” (probably because it was the least Indie), but because it was one of the livelier songs that stood out. The band members were jumping, the audience was clapping along, and a particular adorable uncle even got out from his seat to dance to their music in the front of the stage! “The Harmonist” is one of their more unique songs as well, and very well performed although it was only written one week before their debut performance.

Atlas did pretty well for their debut performance, and I’m pretty sure they have gained quite a number of fans through M.I.S.ceallaneous, and this might just be their big break. And although I am still not a fan of Indie music, I really would not mind going to their performance again.

1. Get Some Direction
2. Genius, Life In Transit
3. East Oriental 6
4. Seven
5. The Harmonist
6. Impolite Company

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