1. For those who don’t know you, tell us about yourself.

We are Your Sister’s Postman; we always deliver. Our music will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. We love to troll each other and we also love our mothers. And your sisters.

2. What does playing at Baybeats mean to you?

Baybeats is one of, if not the biggest music festival for local bands to play in, with audiences reaching into the thousands. This alone is reason enough. But for our members, Baybeats is full of memories. Some of the greatest sets by local greats were played there. In particular, one memory that I (Fadhly) have, is moshing to A Vacant Affair with a bag full of important documents which ended up in a whirlwind of paper all over the powerhouse area.

3. What can people expect at your performance?

We have been developing our sound since our inception 3 years ago. Today, we feel confident and ready to share it with you guys. It’s like a baby that has been growing in the womb for the past few years, and it’s now time to push out of our mother’s ******.

4. If you could describe your band with a Pokemon, which Pokemon would it be and why?

Geodude, because we ROCK.

Catch Your Sister’s Postman at the Arena Stage (Esplanade Outdoor Theatre) on 26 Jun from 6.40 to 7.10pm.

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