Upon receiving the news that Pleasantry was going to be gigging at Lepa(r)k!, a cheshire cat grin broadened uncontrollably across my face.

After all, the band’s captivating music video “Near and Dear” has been circling on Facebook like wildfire, and has established them an immense online presence that brought along plenty of hype and new fans.

Formed in 2010, this indie quintet consists of recycled musicians from active and inactive bands and boasts of a diverse mix of disparate musical backgrounds. (Daniaal and Ariff are in Lunar Node together. Adel, Isa and Ariff are in Amateur Takes Control, and Isa, Ariff and Samantha played together for Postbox)

Photo by Han Qi Guang; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Drawing inspiration from dreamed-up scenarios based on real-life scripts, the band’s musical craft features heartwarming lyrics and effervescent vocals, enveloped by the accompaniment of harmonious folk instruments such as the ukulele and melodica.

Even after being addicted to Pleasantry’s tracks, one will experience difficulty attempting to grasp the entirety of what this unique band is all about.

On my part, I found it astoundingly impossible to describe the genre of the band’s music. To classify their style into a certain category is somewhat contradictory and limiting to the birthright behind Pleasantry’s brilliant music craft.

With the ability to transit from soft, mellow tunes to a jazzy blues feel, and then progress into harsh rock-pounding elements infused with dramatic guitar solos, this is a band that demands to be recognised for its unique mark of an unconventional sound and musical craft that is so uncommon in modern pop or rock music.

Photo by Han Qi Guang; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Though the band’s sound was marred slightly by technical glitches at the start, it was not only able to recover from adversity, but also delivered an amazing performance. And what better way to celebrate great music than with the brilliant fireworks that incidentally went off during the National Day Rehearsal (which was right next to the Marina Promontory)!

Photo by Han Qi Guang; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

My highlight of the gig was during “Farewell Walls”, where lead vocalist Samantha’s voice was both dreamy and subtle; so soft, yet it held the magical ability to transcend the physical boundaries of flesh and melt down every wall of doubt that we possibly had, wrapping around our hearts with warmth and utter exuberance.

When coupled with soft, blissful keyboard symphonies, shimmery guitar licks and backing harmonies from both guitarists Adel Rashid and Ahmad Ariff, haunting echoes of emotions embraced our souls, and we found ourselves not resisting, but simply yielding and submerging ourselves into music so surreal and enchanting.

Performing songs featured in their recently released EP “Porcelein Lenses”, the gig was concludingly beautiful, marked with brilliant showmanship from individual members, culminating in a unique performance that focused on contrasting harmonies, varied soundscapes, and enriching instrumentations.

Go ahead, take a listen. How more can I describe Pleasantry, except for the ability to create music pleasant to our ears?

Facebook: facebook.com/Pleasantry
Twitter: twitter.com/pleasantrymusic
Tumblr: tumblr.com/tagged/pleasantry
Bandcamp: pleasantry.bandcamp.com

Jeremy Tan