Dancing spotlights penetrated the ordinary starry night sky, swaying and flashing rhythmically with Jason Mraz’s whimsical music, creating an enthralling performance that captivated the hearts of his audience.

Held on the newly opened green grounds of the Gardens by the Bay, the outdoor concert under the blanket of stars added flavour to his performance and complemented his selection of soulful songs, which was mostly about the experience he gained while traveling around the world.

It was a simple night with no fuss. There were no dramatic fireworks or flamboyant dance moves as were in other large concerts. Mraz’s message was clear – music, and even the world, could be enjoyable even in its purest form.

Photo by Alicia Chan; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

The concert kicked off with Mraz grooving to the sexy and jazzy tune of “The World As I See It”, as his mesmerised audience loudly chanted his name, “Jason, Jason, Jason!”

Mraz and his band’s impeccable chemistry – their co-ordination, dedication and engrossment in creating symphonious music – spurred the audience to sway, dance and sing along loudly during an upbeat rendition of popular classic “The Remedy”, “I… won’t worry my life away.”

But it wasn’t all about Mraz’s beautiful singing and skillful strumming of the guitar. The big, funky and cheerful sounds coming from the brass instruments of his three bald musicians, the beautiful solo by the keyboardist executed with nimble fingers and the soothing melody by the violinist were unforgettable too.

Photo by Alicia Chan; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Above all, it was Mraz’s friendly and sincere personality that won the hearts of the audience. In between one of his songs, he cheekily asked his audience, “while we are having the time of our lives, the people in the nearby offices would be wondering, ‘what is going on down there?’ won’t they?”

He received loud cheers in response, as he did whenever he sang, showcasing both genuity and life experiences. Even more shouts of praise were heard when he impressed the audience with his light, traditional, theatrical and classical soprano singing during the bridge of “Mr Curiosity”.

The crowd received even more treats when Corrinne May graced the stage and performed a duet with Mraz – “Lucky’.

Photo by Alicia Chan; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

The night of excitement ended when Mraz finally performed the long-anticipated song, “I Won’t Give Up”. Each strum was clear and perfect and every word was regarded as Mraz’s advice to the audience. One could not have asked for a better ending.

Despite being exhausted after standing and cheering for the concert’s 150-minute duration, Mraz’s soulful lyrics, the starry ambience and the exuberant audience made it worth the while.

Jason Mraz’s concert was the opening act for “Rhythm with Nature”, which was held to celebrate the opening of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay on June 29th, 2012.

1. The World as I See It
2. Everything Is Sound
3. The Freedom Song
4. Bella Luna
5. Butterfly
6. Be Honest
7. Only Human
8. The Woman I Love
9. A Beautiful Mess
10. Unfold
11. Make It Mine
12. Frank D. Fixer
13. Curbside Prophet / The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) Medley
14. You and I Both
15. I’m Coming Over
16. Details in the Fabric (with Corrinne May)
17. Lucky (with Corrinne May)
18. Living In The Moment
19. I’m Yours
20. Mr. Curiosity (encore)
21. 93 Million Miles (encore)
22. I Won’t Give Up (encore)

Alicia Chan
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