It had been almost a year since we last saw her play, and since then singer-songwriter Shimona Kee had been up to some big things. Her debut album “Simply Shimona” had launched and was getting some great reviews (we have one lined up in this issue!) and we once again had the opportunity to see her on stage.

“This festival celebrates indie acts and I guess I’m one of them,” quipped the sassy songstress, as she took the time to introduce each of her songs at her opening set of That Indie Thing You Do at CHIJMES Lawn.

Playing to a grand total of five people (including this supportive mosher) who were actually on the lawn, and the countless others sitting at bars and restaurants surrounding, the old CHIJMES church steeple was a fitting backdrop for the melodious voice that flowed from the speakers.

It was a familiar set list of songs including “Sweet Company”, “Little Things”, “Like A Piece Of My Heart” and the 43-second-long “The Gym Song”, played with a single guitar on an otherwise bare stage – a stripped out heartfelt performance that we at Moshin’ Mag perhaps appreciate the most.

A pity then, that it was the five on the lawn that clapped after every track instead of the many around who perhaps refused have their meals interrupted by the lovely live music happening right in front of them (but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt).

Nonetheless, Shimona seemed to have a good time and let her personality and often-quirky lyrics do the talking. True, the turnout was kind of meagre and the response somewhat muted, but perhaps that’s the embodiment of what indie is, and if that means we have more space to move around and take pictures, that’s fine with us.

Still, there’s no substitute for seeing an artist live, and though we now have her album it certainly won’t be the last time we chill out to a Shimona Kee live show.

Shimona Kee was playing at That Indie Thing You Do, an indie artist exhibition festival at CHIJMES Lawn on 27 April.

Joshua Tan
Founder/Editor at MOSHIN' Magazine
Having founded MOSHIN' more than four years ago, Joshua remains pleasantly surprised at how a little online music magazine has grown into what it is today. Together with the rest of the team, he is on a mission to bring as much exposure to the local music scene as he possibly can, and sincerely hopes that you like what you see. Although he mostly runs the magazine now, he still occasionally attends gigs and takes photographs where required.