Dressed in a mishmash of The Beatles, John Lennon and old-school disco, they had the crowd’s attention with their quirky identity from the get go.

Featuring Famie Suliman on guitar and lead vocals, Hailrul “DD” Hanafiah on guitar and vocals, Wanderboy on bass and vocals, and Oush “RocknRoll” on the drums, they started their short set with “Bring Back The Vibe”.

“Bring Back The Vibe” was a good pick for a first song, in my opinion. It featured an extremely catchy introduction that demanded the attention of everyone on the field that day. That said, to a first time listener (i.e. “me”), the vocals that finally accompanied these chords was a tad disappointing. Famie’s vocals lacked the strength to support such a powerful beginning. Nevertheless, the crowd took it all in.

Photo by Joshua Tan; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

It started raining in the middle of “Preferably”, and most of the crowd scurried towards the scarce shelters around the open-air field. Many, however, remained and braved the rain in support of this act. “Preferably” featured DD on lead vocals; his voice had an almost electronic sound to it which I liked.

“Shake And Bake” was adorable, for the lack of a better word. Famie thoroughly entertained the crowd with his impromptu crash course on “how to shake your hips” – The Pinholes style. “Shake And Bake” felt like an east-meets-west mash-up with traces of traditional Malay songs… on electric guitars.

Photo by Liza Ruedas; MOSHIN’ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Playing through “Long Live Rock N Roll”, “All Out” was a refreshing change from their previous songs. The Pinholes did an excellent job at coming up with a song that made old-school music sound contemporary. It, however, sounded oddly reminiscent of the smash hit 1996 “That Thing You Do” by The Wonders.

Twilight slowly turned to dusk with “Ali Malarkey”, by now I’ve grown to like the group’s eclectic songs, lyrics and personality.

Ending their set with “Youth Of Gold”, a song that will give Marilyn Manson a run for his money, they had the crowd bopping along to their eccentric old-school music for the last time.

All things considered, The Pinholes is an acquired taste. You either like them, or you don’t.

1. Bring Back The Vibe
2. Preferably
3. Shake and Bake
4. Long Live Rock N Roll
5. All Out
6. Ali Malarkey
7. Youth Of Gold

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